Devices lost link to cnMaestro - PLEASE READ

Today, a number of customers reported that a many of the devices they manage in cnMaestro were displayed as being down although the devices could still pass traffic and were network accessible. This issue was due to a problem in the management messaging between the device and cnMaestro. The root cause has been isolated and will be resolved in an upcoming software release for each device type.

Until then, devices can re-establish their connection to cnMaestro by restarting the device’s management agent. A device reboot accomplishes this. Alternatively, for some device types, the Cambium device manager can be disabled and then enabled again on the device avoiding a reboot. Details for each device type are shown below.


Configuration --> System --> cnMaestro

Click Disabled, then Save, then Enabled Enabled and then Save.

ePMP 1000 Hotspot and cnPilot E400

Configure --> System --> cnMaestro

Uncheck “Remote Management”, Save, Check “Remote Management” and Save.

cnPilot R200/R201

A reboot is recommended. Click Reboot on the top right corner of the user interface.

We apologize for the inconvenience created.


Is there a way to do this from the CLI as well?

I'm still dealing with a handful of radios that even after disabling and re-enabling the managment in the radio, it still will not show up in Maestro.  Any other suggestions?

Ben can you try now to disable and enable Remote Management from device