Devices Managed by cnMaestro lose connectivity?

Today I was chasing an issue and found out that all my ePMP devices at some point in time have lost their Ethernet connection but it has been happening so fast that my monitoring services haven't caught it.

I found these two previous posts that i can relate to.

What if the devices are really down? but it happens so fast we dont catch it?

All tower locations -

Have MikroTiks

Some are monitored by a outside service & others by PRTG

Heres what im seeing in ALL of my MikroTiks that have a ePMP plugged into them almost on the daily.

NOTE I have other brand devices in these MikroTiks and no drops.

Heres One Tower


Here's a different Tower All Three Devices went down and up at the same time.


I have the same problem with E400 1.6.1r3 experienced just recently (April 2016), although first time the problem was reported in 2013 (!!!). I have observed several times the E400 connected to Internet after some time changes the network/status LED from green to orange, and cnMaestro shows it as down. However, the WiFi client registered to this device, as well as conectivity tools all show the device has Internet access all the time. After some time however from local log-in to E400 GUI, the device restores the connection to cnMaestro. This connection can be lost any time for unknown reason, although the Internet is all time available. It is a terrible pain, when E400 is installed at far and unattended site, as there is nobody who can knock it  with local GUI to reestablish connection to cnMaestro cloud. It looks like a bug or mistake still sits inside cnPilot software. Can anyone from CN inform the community on the current state of solving this problem?

I am attaching the events file exported from cnMaestro. Just before Wed Apr 20 2016 07:28:43 the network/status LED was found to be orange.