Devices to update in parallel


I am updating our WiFi 6 devices via cloud cnMaestro and I am not sure, if I understand the settings correctly. What does “Devices to update in parallel” mean?
If I have 50 devices and a set it to 10 in parallel, it will update first 10 and after 10 is done, another 10? Or something else?


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We have a industrial enviroment with 50+ APs all over the premises. APs are deployed so that a few can be offline and everything still kinda works.
So, when I am updating I would love to have option to update XY APs at the same time. By this I mean I don’t want more than XY APs offline, not just starting update at the same time. There should be condition to check if all of the XY devices came back online and only then, cnMaestro can update the next XY devices. This way, I can reduce my downtime and impact on the clients.
This comes in handy where there is 24/7 enviroment and every minute counts.

Any thoughts?


Just like you said, it will update 10 by 10

Well, it doesn’t work like that for me today. I set up for 4 devices, but instead it upgraded all of them at the same time.
Something smells fishy here :smiley:

Hi. I’ve never had that happen with cnMaestro. It always does them in batches of whatever I set.

Now, if you select all 50 and tell it to do 5 at a time, it’ll do 10 batches of 5 each, as fast as it can. So you don’t want to do it that way if your intention is to select and spread that out over a longer time period.

Instead, you’d want to manually select the 5 or 10 you want to upgrade, and then create a schedule for those, and create several difference schedules for several different batches.

Ok, but should I check “Perform sequential updates within a site”?

Well this is something I didn’t think of, I will try this next time - thanks!