DFS in 8.2v2


Is it possible to set up the Canopy equipment and disable the DFS in 8.2?

Earlier I could choose to disable DFS from web. In 8.2 i could only find the region settings witch seem to take care of all DFS parameters itself.

Should i set the region to someplace they dont use DFS to get rid off it?

And also, does anyone know if DFS in 8.2 is actually Dynamic Frequency Selection or is it still only the radar-detect part? I hope for the last since i want to have control over my channels.

What AP is that? I have also seen it in my 5450AP.

Whats the purpose of that?

Advantage APs, like 5450 and 5750, but it goes for all equipment that are under DFS regulations.

Do you mean whats the purpose of DFS or for me too turn it off?

DFS is mandatory in some countries, e.g. in Europe.
It’s a protection measure because we still have military radars in 5 Ghz spectrum.
I suppose you can disable DFS just by selection “Other” or “None” in the Region code choice (under Configuration -> General).