DFS problems after firmware update

Hello, after updating out e500 and e700 to firmware I have many trouble to with 5 ghz radio. It is often disabled. The state (CN-Maestro => AP => Details) is mostly “disabled”. Sometime “INIT” or “DFS”.
It seems, that I have to restart the AP`s to enable the 5Ghz Radio.

Before the firmware Update the most AP`s had firmware versions 3.xxxx I dont remember problems with the 5GHZ Radio before.

My location is in Germany at the baltic sea.

Hi Oliver,

Can you please share me the output of the following commands, you can execute these commands from AP’s CLI session or from cnMaestro interface (Select the AP and Navigate to Tools–> Remote CLI and execute the command)

  1. show version, show boot and show config output
  2. What is the old version that has used before on the AP ?

Hi Oliver.

Did you resolve this behaivor ?

Best Regards

Not until now… I downgraded the firmware to 4.2-r15. It works mostly… I sent Ashok some techsupport files. I hope, they will find a way to reduce the problems.

Hi Oliver_Behrens,

There is one issue when AP is changing its channel to DFS channel. We are working on this issue and will update you once the issue is fixed.

For now can you please use any of following config as a work around

  1. Use NON-DFS channels on the AP (OR)
    You can enable this option under Radio

  2. Configure channel width as 20MHz