DFS settings

Hi guys,

I have recently set up a bridge between an ePMP3000 and an AP.

It continues to drop out due to DFS.

I have set 2 alternate frequencies, but it continues to drop out for up to half an hour at a time.

I have searched for the rules regarding DFS in Australia but am a little confused.

Do I need to use DFS if my output power is 7dBm?

Also is there any reason I cant use 5745MHz and above?

Sorry if these are silly questions, I'm new to this stuff.

Thanks in advance,


You'll need to do some research to see what is allowed in Australia. I don't know anything about Australia's 5GHz rules, but I'd avoid using DFS if possible. Try to use clean channels and as high as allowed EIRP on non-DFS channels. You should set your radios for the Australia region, and set the correct antenna gain, and it should be pretty straightforward as to what you can do from prompts in the GUI.

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