DHCP Bridge

Dear Sirs,

I have the next scenario using epmp radios:

DHCP Server -> AP (ePMP1000) <--> ePMP180 <-DHCP Client

I can't get the DHCP Client to obtain an IP Address from DHCP Server. I will appreciate your support to guide me where could I be wrong.

Thank you in advance.



It's important to detail how you're set up - Is the SM in bridging? Any L2 or L3 firewall settings in either SM or AP?  Is Ethernet Port Security enabled on SM?  I assume you're talking about IPv4?  What is the gear handing out the DHCP leases?  What is requesting lease - random consumer router provided by customer, or a standardized router you install?


Yes, the SM is configured in Bridge mode
No firewall settings in sm or ap
Port security on the SM is disabled
The gear is a Watchguard Firebox T-10

I have to add a thing that I noticed after I had written the post, if I set a static IP addres on the DHCP Client it doesn't comunicate with the LAN

I found the solution, I discovered that a eForce180 with a port membership rule allow only tagged traffic.