DHCP Full Relay Option issues with VLAN enabled APs Using...

DHCP Full Relay Option issues with VLAN enabled APs Using Software Release 9.5.

Access Points will not accept VLAN-tagged packets for DHCP relay processing. This becomes a factor when VLAN is enabled on an AP with a Management VID not equal to 1, and DHCP Full Relay option is enabled. Option 82 Insertion Only mode will work with VLANs, however, the client will be able to see the Option 82 data still intact in the message. In order to have the AP work with Full Relay Option with VLAN enabled, the AP must have its Management VID set to 1. In Canopy systems, VID of 1 is a special case where the AP will send/receive untagged packets to its management interface. Doing so will continue to offer customers the ability to place their subscribers on a data VLAN and work with DHCP relay functionality. This will be fixed in a future release.

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