DHCP issue on Cambium 400 cnMaestro

I need some help.

Im running a site with cambium 400 Access point. I have a corporate ssid and and a guest ssid each in their own vlan. Vlan 200 and 300. Ive setup dhcp pools for each ssid. Problem im having i get the same ip address for on the corporate and guest network but from different AP. So for example ap1 on corporate i get a then on ap2 on the other side of the building im gettimg same ip as the device from ap1. So i guess each ap dish out ip.
Is it possible to only have one ap act as DHCP server on the site

I need to replicate thia over 6 site total of 100 Ap

I hope it make since how i explains it.

Hi Matlin,
The best way to handle this problem is the have a separate external DHCP server to serve the clients and the AP’s. This will ensure that the client will retain the same IP address while roaming too. AP as the DHCP server is not suggested for multi AP deployment.