DHCP Option 43 and cloud url

I would like to set option 43 to push to cloud.cambiumnetworks.com to 450, epmp, and cnpilot-r series but also would need to include our onboarding key and a passphrase for one of our cnmaestro accounts in this. Is there a way to do this or am I out of luck? We have found many rogue devices on our network that technicians manually typed the URL incorrectly and would like for them to call home properly at least on the next boot cycle for the devices. Any thoughts or recommendations would be welcome

There is no need to configure cloud.cambiumnetworks.com as part of option 43. The device will try onboard to Cambium cloud networks if there is no static management URL or no management URL or IP in option 43 etc. Please try onboarding the device with the Serial number.

The issue we have is we migrated from on prem cnmaestro a while back and did it poorly. also we have found that if we leave the cnmaestro URL blank occasionally the equipment will not connect so we have put the full URL into that field, https://cloud.cambiumnetworks.com The question relates more to overruling those that we have entered either with our on prem URL or just misspelled the cloud URL and also adding the onboarding key and passphrase so it comes to our instance. I have tried to keep all of our equipment in the cloud version but there have been errors and I would like to resolve them.