DHCP option 43 (or 15)

Hi, i have a network, with 2/300 cambium  equipments. i'm  now using maestro on premise but i have a problem sending by DHCP the cnmaestro URL.

The DHCP release management addresses  to epmp1000 and to r200.

my DHCP server is MikroTik, configured with the options:

0 Maestro 43 'https://cnmaestro.... 
1 VendorClassCambium 60 'Cambium'  

the problem is that with this configuration it set correct URL only to epmp1000.

if i change the option 60 to 'Cambium-cnPilot R200P' it assign only to R200.

do you have any ideas about the way to assign to URL to both equipments with only one DHCP Server?



new try: is not working to R200:

it doesn't assign the URL to the R200 in any way. it's a bug or a my misconfigration?



for me it was simpler to onboard using SNMP to set the values.

check out this  post.


also it should be possible to add multiple DHCP option 43 or 15 in a single configuration.

update: DHCP is OK with new or resetted equipment. if i try to send the URL to a device already configured it don't get new URL!

For already configured devices to get the new url, devices needs to be rebooted in order to contact the router again and get the new dhcp options.

hi, i have tried a lot of times, with only the reboot the r200 don't get new URL. i need to reset the equipment, then reboot (e reconfigure from maestro with the old template)

Hi ,

I have confirmed with the engineering team and for cnPilot R200P or R201P devices which are already being used, the devices needs to be reset  in order to get the cnMaestro url from DHCP server as by default they will have static url of cloud.cambiumnetworks.com or other cnMaestro urls  configured. We  will update the  user guide accordingly.

For all other device  types , please remove the static cnMaestro url configured if any from the devices  so that the devices will automatically get the option 43 and on board to cnMaestro server.



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Hi ,

Regarding the configuration of DHCP server in Microtik Router to allow multiple option 60 so that all your devices can on board to cnMaestro server . please follow the following KB Article and if you need any further help please let me know.


What do you mean 'reset'? Does that mean rebooted, or factory defaulted? 

I've looked at the DHCP Options section (p30) in the 1.6.1 Maestro user's guide but I'm not sure yet if a DHCP option will overwrite the default url. Will this happen after a new DHCP lease, a reboot, or a factory defaulting?



By reset i mean Factory defaulting. The order of Device Onboarding methods are

static url (Other than cloud.cambiumnetworks.com) like NOC url 

DHCP option 43

DHCP option 15

Cloud.cambiumnetworks.com(Will be tried by default if the above 3 methods fails)