DHCP Relay Agent on ePMP

Good morning,

we are using massively PMP450 devices and we are building a DHCP server relay that automatically offers dinamyc IPìs to the SM’s.
I can’t find this option on the ePMP AP devices…

DHCP Relay Agent is supported on the ePMP devices? If yes, how i can enable it?


I don’t think it’s the same thing because there’s not a field to insert the IP of our DHCP server to offer.

This is a screen from the PMP 450:

For the most part the epmp AP is just a bridge. Your tower side router would be the relay point.
Option82 on the AP allows for per AP dhcp assignments by inserting the required information into the request.

There’s a some kind of exemple about that?
I don’t understand the the meaning of remote-id and circuit id

Those are part of the wifi specifications for 802.11.

There is no example for this, the AP does not make changes to the packets and has no settings to do so. The SMs have three modes, bridge/nat/router. Bridge does exactly that, NAT makes the SM act like a home gateway and router makes it act like a simple router but does not partake in routing protocols.

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