DHCP Relay Agent - Only Insert Option 82 needs a new option

We often have a large site with PMP450 APs, and downstream site also with PMP450 APs. We’d like to use the “Only Insert Option 82” feature on the downstream AP, but the problem is that as the already-relayed DHCP packet flows through the upstream AP, the relay information is replaced and thus the downstream sites cannot use Option 82 DHCP.

Basically, we need a simple checkbox in the GUI:
Do not overwrite existing DHCP Option-82 Packets

If anyone (not within my company!) also has a need for this, I’ll put in a feature request. It’d make things very smooth for the way we operate our network today.


I think I asked about this a couple years ago. Yes, it would be nice if existing option 82 wasn’t overwritten. I could be wrong, but I believe that’s how it works on ePMP. If PMP can do the same, that’d be great.

Thanks George.

I’ve created an official “Idea” to take votes. Please vote there. However, we’ve been asking for this for years and I sincerely hope Cambium recognizes the importance and need for this change.