DHCP Relay, DHCP option 43 and 66

all of these do not work behind a STA in bridge mode, we use option 43 to auto configure some wifi hotspots and a few other devices, we use option 66 to program ATAs…

any time line to let full DHCP relay to work or a suggestion to get this data through a epmp link and work to the router behind the epmp link? dropping a connection directly to the EPMP cpe is ok, but any other layer 3 device past it cant replay back to our DHCP server and intern all of our “hand free” configuration toys won’t work.

Hi, This is a much sought after functionality. We are actively working on DHCP relay functionality and shooting for an early July release for this. We will plan to have a Beta release well before that.

Awesome! thanks for the update, as a temp fix, I used a VPN to pass from one router to the next to slip past this issue for the time being.