Did somebody try new canopy 9.0.0beta Software ?

I hve seen pictures of new canopy 9.0.0 Software.

Say that there is alot of improvements.

I saw that RSSi and Jitter are like progress barrs and coloured in red, yelow, green depending of values.

Also Moto say tat there are alot of improvements in Webpage Auto update and refresh in spectrum analyser etz…


I’ll wait - still chugging along on my stable 7.3.6 network.

So is the effort at this point shifted to a whole new major version rather than continuing to fix 8? Is there a link to said pictures? I won’t even ask for an ETA, 1 1/2 years for v8 was crazy. If someone at Moto is interested, I do have some very constructive criticism for features of v7 that didn’t make v8 that we were disappointed about…

Moto people say that 9.x soft is a complete new engine build from beginning.

And Canopy400 soft and Canopy200(advantage)soft one day will merge into a single software package for both products.

If I recall 8 was a complete rebuild as well. We know where that got us.

I don’t have enough excitement in my life. I think I’ll get a copy of v9b and roll it out untested across my entire network. This is what happened last time and more than one person paid the price.

Slow down and wait.

v9 production should be pretty darn good but I would not put it into production until v9.1 or later.

Regardless of how people chose to roll out the firmware, it makes it pretty tough when Motorola is pushing the new software on people regardless by preventing a downgrade on new hardware.

If I could, I would gladly roll back to 7.3.6 and stick with it, but all the P10 hardware on my network thinks otherwise. I think a lot of the blame still sits pretty squarely on the shoulders of Motorola for putting service providers in that position to begin with.

I agree Moto royally screwed the pooch, no doubt about it - and if you ask the people that matter at Moto they won’t argue. P10 is not what P9 was but it’s improving.

My point is, 8.2.2 is fine. It’s as stable or 99% as stable as 7.3.6 so there is no reason to run out and roll out yet another software version.

It’s a flaw tech types have - always wanting the newest fastest shiniest bestest thing there is rather than old, slow, scuffed, and working.

I would seriously disagree about 8.2.2 being nearly as stable because 8.2.2 constantly requires hard reboots for p8/p9 SM’s.

8.2.4 is ok

If 9.0 is an improvement on 8.2.4 I would be interested in trying in the shop.

But Jerrys right, dont upgrade until you are damned certain it wont be making more work for you. My problem is that I had to upgrade to p10 AP’s which required 8.x fw on the AP’s which doesnt work well with p8 SM’s, kinda a big cluster *&^%. So with that said Im reaching for any firmware upgrade thats stable, I have lost a ton of money and a lot of credibility with this p10/8.x stuff.

Moto should not request that you upgrade everything to the latest firmware before they support you, that drives me nuts.

Yep, its 9.2 for me before i move. Moto really hurt is in the past, and I wont get burned again.

And, FYI, there are still some flaws we see in 8.2.4, so we chose not roll it out .

Supposedly, 8.2.5 is due very soon, and I will try that on a couple of the problem sites we have found, and see if there is an improvement. Even then wait a month before rolling it out.

Our confidence is pretty weak in Moto firmware at this point.

Paul, PDMNet

At this point my problems seem to be related to NAT and little more. It’s really unfortunate as I liked the buffer it gave me between customer equipment and my network.

8.2.4 has definitely been leaps and bounds better than 8.2, but I don’t think it has much of an advantage over 8.1.5. Honestly, if they can fix the remaining NAT issues and eliminate the calibration settings loss issue on P10Lite hardware, I would be content with sticking with that firmware release until I am forced to upgrade.

I just cringe anytime anyone talks about new Canopy firmware with “tons of improvements and new features” because those were the same reasons we were told to upgrade to 8.x for. Time will tell.

I really hope that release 9 will be something more than colored bars to show RSSI (cosmetics) :evil:

I am still waiting for a new release that fixes some serious issue with NAT.
For instance, it is unbelievable that I can do NAT with any 30$ router using any client VPN while using Canopy NAT only IPSEC is supported (not PPTP).
There are also issues with DHCP (even in 8.2.4). Moto seems to know about that but unfortunately they didn’t fix it already.

And what do you think about a PPPoE client?
Is it so difficult to implement or it is just a marketing strategy? (what would be the need for Prizm if anyone could implement PPPoE flawlessy?)

Let’s see… and pray…

Yes Massimo !

9.0 software has built in PPPoE client.

I forgot to tell about this.

will anybody provide me the link to download canopy v9 ?

I am really eager to test its PPPoE client functionality.

Thanks in advance.

I am also eager to try PPPoE on V9. If you have access to V9 beta please send me an e-mail. louis AT ntinet DOT com

Thank you,


Pictures available by email upon request.

Remote spectrum analysis will definitely be handy. Definitely still agree with Jerry on waiting until 9.1 before even attempting to use it. :smiley:

I don’t know that I consider the little “progress bars” a needed feature unless they automatically take into account YOUR noise floor and not the sensitivity of the unit.

A -78 signal won’t do jack if your noise floor is -75, etc.

Can somebody send me 9.0 please!

Well it looks like Moto is following Microsofts marketing strategy from the above posts. Instead of fixing what is actually advertised as a feature, and needed (DHCP)…instead they’re just gonna make it pretty and flashy in hopes it’ll dazzle you to death and you’ll forget about what’s been broken all along. I could care less about little bar graphs for RSSI and jitter…I can read and interpret numbers. How about a bar graph showing Motos progress on NAT and DHCP? The Canopy gear really is good stuff, and generally reliable. It’s sad to see it hindered by such poor firmware, and lack of focus by their software / firmware people.

hpiguy wrote:
I could care less about little bar graphs for RSSI and jitter.....I can read and interpret numbers. How about a bar graph showing Motos progress on NAT and DHCP?

I completely agree with you