Did this bothering you?

hi all,

For sure you guys lived in US has more competition againts DSL from telecos,

In Australia some big ISP (iinet.net.au , internode.on.net) is building their own dslam and selling anex-m adsl technology (24mbps) how bout in US, canada or other modern country?

How about the 3.5G or 3 G from operators? In my country rightnow the operators is bombing 3g, 3.5g, hsdpa (2.6mbps) or whatever g is :smiley:

And what is the effect to us, as wisp/isp since we only have options to upgrade to canopy advantage (14mbps).

any 2 cent?


I have found its not as much the speed that we need to compete with but the price.

AT&T DSL in California offers 5mbs/1.5mbs for $34.95 with no contract or installation.

they also have a 384kbs/256kbs for $14.95.

our average subscriber pays $52/Month

That will be tough to compete with! $14.95 not much profit there