Did you know: E500 can be a good option for some indoor WiFi use-cases too

Since the Cambium cnPilot outdoor APs such as E500 are designed to handle the outdoor environment, they can operate in temperature ranges that are a lot wider than the indoor APs such as the E400.  They can also handle other elements (dust, water, humidity) a lot better than the indoor APs.

There are cases where an indoor installation might also need these capabilities: in a retail environment such as a large freezer, or any humid/wet environment indoors (heated pools, spas) the E500 can be a great installation option to provide WiFi even if the environment is not ideal for indoor APs.

Note that the Indoor and Outdoor access points default their regulatory channel/power selection based on their typical use-case (ie. outdoor APs like E500 assume only outdoor channels are accessible to them). However  in many regulatory domains you can override this behaviour in the AP settings starting from firmware 3.2.2 (currently in beta) to indicate the AP is actually indoors, and to use indoor channel/power settings: