Different user types: Admin, Normal and Basic


Basic User - It has two modes. EZ Enable Mode and EZ disable Mode

  • EZ Enable Mode:

This mode has particular options like Basic setup, WPS, health.
In Basic setup mode you have feature of configuring SSID’s, security, parental control at wireless.
WPS mode can be configured from here. In health feature you can check the number of client connected and average utilization by clients with MAC address

  • EZ disable Mode:

You see limited menu options like Status, Networks, Wireless and Administration.

Even submenu’s within them are limited, for instnace Basic User->Status will have only Basic and LAN host. Wireless submenu will show only Basic and Wireless Security. Network will have only LAN and

WAN as submenu. Administration will just show Management option and you cannot upgrade the firmware image and cannot load or extract the config file. The user is however allowed to do a factory reset. The user cannot see ormodify other users.

Normal User - A Normal user has more privileges than the Basic user, and is allowed more config options such as → Status, Network, Wireless, SIP, FXS1, FXS2, Security, Application and Administration.

Normal user can upgrade the firmware on the device but cannot load or extract config file. He/She is allowed to create SSID’s. Normal user cannot see the Storage option and cannot access the connected Storage device. Normal user cannot see and modify rights or username password for Basic User or Admin user.

Admin User - Admin user has all the rights and privileges like a super user. The Admin user can create and modify basic and normal user account. Admin user can see the “Storage” option and can access the content of connect storage device. Admin user can load and extract config files.