diffserve and VoIP

Funny, I can’t find any results for DiffServe on this forum when searching or in the knowledge base…

I’ve got clicking and poping on my VoIP through Canopy.
The 5700SM link is rock solid.

I’ve got High Priority enabled, but that doesn’t seem to help worth jack.

Anyone know how to configure Diffserve or have links to it?
Or how about information of correctly configured Canopy links for different VoIP protocols?

I’m getting sick of this.


You have to set the diffserve parameter with a equipment different to the Canopy equipment, you need something outside the Canopy network in order to set the value of the DSCP with 6 bits.


Find out on your VoIP equipment if it support DiffServe and set/change the DSCP there. The same DSCP (DiffServe Code Point) you have to configure in the Canopy - choose the DSCP and assign the priority group:
0-3 = Low priority
4-7 = High priority

You can see on the SM in the Uplink Stats, that there are two VC’s (if you are using HWS and the Hi-priority channel is enabled), and the data are passed trought the VC with the highest number (probably VC 255, which is HP channel).

Hope this help, it isn’t so complicated.