Direct link bug when linking to a specific MAC in cnMaestro on premise


We are direclty linkining to specific MAC's from our billing system and if you open a new window and try to load the URL (for example) : you see the SM page for a second then it shows the main dashboard. If you then in the same window past in the URL again it will show the SM page, as if there is a logic to say the source page must be the manage page you view it from. 

I've verified simply opening the link in a new tab produces the same result but going into another section of cnMaestro like Application > users then trying to visit the direct mac link produces the same behavior.

We are running 1.6.1 on premise but this happened in 1.6.0 r22 also


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Hi Tim,

Thank you for your feedback.  We are looking into this issue and will respond back once we have something to report.