Directional Outdoor AP in Wave 2 or AX?

I’m looking to start replacing some older UniFi APs, and thought I would give cnPilot a chance. The installation location uses directional antennas covering an open outdoor community space.

Are there any directional APs expected in Wave 2 or AX in the near future? I can only find directional APs with Wave 1 AC.

Thank you, Chris

Yeah we have the same need.Would be great if there was a connectorized version so I can choose whether I want directional/sectorized style,yagi style etc.I have some customers where I have to get some wifi down a tunnel or shafts and Yagis work great for those.

I take it you are trying to replace/compare vs Mesh AP + UMA-D ?

In this case, I’m working on an older UAP Outdoor+ with 3rd party external antennas. The project would include also replacing a UAP-AC-M-Pro and adding a 3rd AP… but they really should all be directional if possible.

We are working on Wi-Fi 6 (11ax) outdoor directional antenna (120 deg, 2x2) in Q1’22 and a connectorized (4x4) in Q2’22 timeframe.

@KumarK that is really good news, but it is quite far away. Are there any plans for a directional Wave 2 AC version that would come sooner?

What is the expected support window for the Wave 1 directional APs?

@uberdome , unfortunately no plans on new wave2 platforms. Our general lifecycle policy is documented here.
With e501, the replacement product which is the 11ax directional AP will be coming in Q1’22 and their lifespans will overlap a bit. And we will support 5 years after end of sale date. So e501 will be supported till about 2026/27 - exact date will be added to the above link when we announce the end of sale.

@KumarK thank you for sharing the lifecycle documentation. I had not seen that before.

I started this thread asking about directional outdoor APs in AX, but they are quite far away it seems. I’d like to know, are there any outdoor AX units coming before those? Perhaps an outdoor AX replacement for the E510 or E700?

Thank you again, Chris

@uberdome, unfortunately, the earliest 11ax directional AP will be launched only in Q1 2022.

@KumarK I’m not sure I asked the question correctly, I meant to ask:

When are the outdoor omni 11ax APs going to be launched? Will there be any other 11ax at all this year?

@uberdome , sorry - yes, we have the omni 2x2 outdoor 11ax coming in Q3 this year

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