Disable maps

Hi all, just a question... Is it possible to disable the maps? 

Why do you want to disable maps just to understand, if you are facing any problem.

Yes that is one point why. When I click on any element that has a map to load I see a lag for several seconds and that lag goes away exactly when the map finish loading. So, In order to check that I need to disable the maps.

So, is it somehow possible to do that?

Not as of today, we will see if we can add this as a feature.

Ok, thanks for the answer. 

Do you also notice a delay while loading the pages that inculde maps or it is only me?

I see sometimes but its a matter of few seconds i see it gets loaded.

Could you please send me your cambiumId via private message to analyze in your account?

Sorry for not mentioning, I am using cnmaestro-on-premises with 16GB RAM and 8 CPUs.

I am assuming your On-Premises have access to Internet to load the maps.

of course..