Disable radio in cnMaestro

We are deploying av ouside WiFi network with 12 E501S APs, and 4 E500 APs.
We want to disable 6 of the 2.4GHz radios, how do we do this with cnMaestro? Don't find this option in the device configuration overrides.

We do not have an option today to disable some APs Radio from the device override page.

Say if you have applied same AP group to all the devices in your network and want to disable the radio only on few, then the alternative approach is, turn off the auto sync on the AP group, disable the 2.4 radio option and then push to the individual devices.

The 2nd option is disbaling from the device GUI itself.

But we will take as an enchancement feature request to allow user to override from cnMaestro device configuration page.


That's what i was afraid of. Thanks for the answer, and hope you will make this a feature asap :)