Disable SectorUserCount in APEvaluation

Hi experts,

Is it possible  in a PMP450 AP not to show the number of users connected to AP when you do a AP Evaluation in a SM?

I Know you can disable that a SM can not evaluate an AP, but  I need that and SM is able to evaluate it and don't show the number of users connected to it. Our competition does not  need to know how many users we have connected to each AP but our field technicians need to scan the best signal in every installation.



Unfortunately, no there is no current way to hide the number of users, but still have the SM show the AP Evaluation Data. Sorry but I don't see us adding the feature just for the number of SMs either.

Maybe we could make the option "SM Display of AP Evaluation Data" not require reboot, then when installing a radio, you could enable the display, then when installation is done hide the info again without rebooting. Would that help limit your exposure?


Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your response.  It won't be usefull to us because the fiel technician does not have remote access to the AP to enable it and for every installation first would have to make a call to someone to activate it and after the installation is done he would have to call again to desactive it. And this process for every installation ...

Anyway, thanks for the response.