Disconnect after you do settings

On mikrotik if you only change AP tx power, it does not drop all clients, so it is now on ubnt. What prevents cambium to do the same thing? 

Also, maybe this is quite hard to implement,but : it would be much more helpful to make AP talk to stations and in case of manual channel change, if would announce the new channel to stations first and then, change it with no/less downtime. 

It is not always helpful to run spectrum analyzer mode when there is no so much noise. But when you get interference, your customers are online too, and you have to kick them, make them wait for half an hour. And nobody can guarantee that when you set the channel according to spectrum, there will be any performance raise. I had many situations , where clean space makes nothing, but busy would work better. Would be much quicker to just go through the channels manually and see how it affects mcs on-air