Disconnections with 450b

Anyone suffers from random radio disconnections from the AP with only 450b devices?
Great signals (-49, -52 etc…) but still disconnect.

We solved this issue lowering the upload modulation from 8x to 6x and SEEMS (i’m not sure about that) that happens only with 450i AP’s and some 450b connected.

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We lowered the SM receive level on the AP to around -66. The SMs would self-interfere.

Hello Telemar,

use the SM Receive Target Lelel as -55 to -69 dBm and let us know the outcome.

Which frequency and channel width do you use?

It your tower a busy one with many radios from other providers or yours?

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

Ok i’ll try.
The problem is raised changing the AP from 450 to 450i.
there’re not other providers and channel 30 MHz

Hello once again Sir,

  1. Do you have a mix of PMP 450i Access Points and PMP 450 (Old model)?
  2. Do you have PMP 450i Subscriber Module and PMP 450b Subscriber Modules or PMP 450 (Old model)?

Can you share the exact setup at the tower:

  1. No of Access Points and their exact models and the way you power up them (Power injectors or CMM4/CMM5)?
  2. The frequencies used and their channel widths?
  3. Transmitted power, link range configured and SM Receive target levels on each Access Point.
  4. RF Spectrum analysis from some of the PMP 450b that disconnect regularly and Access Points at the tower.
  5. Are you in an urband or rural area?

Also, make sure you have the same firmware on all of your PMP 450i/450b/450 Access Point and Subscriber Modules.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

1: yes
2: only 450 legacy and 450b

1: One 450i and one 450. 1 uGPS
2: 30 MHx 5.4 MHz range

4: optimous rf spectrum analysis
5: urban

Hello Sir,

I am sorry for the delayed response.
If you have the right signal at the PMP 450b and same firmware between the AP and SMs, normally you should have a stable network. Do you get all SMs disconnected or few of them?

Lower the channel bandwidth to 20 MHz if the capacity you carry with your network does not go beyond 20 Mbps per customer and let me know the behavior, if possible of course. Also, make sure the sync pulses from uGPS are always available.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

Right signal and same firmware.
Disconnect only few SM’s 450b and dongrade the uplink radio of the SM from 8x to 6x to solve the issue.

No channel bandwtih problem and no gps issues

Hello Sir,

this is noted.

Keep smaller channels in your network.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe