Discover per client realtime bandwidth usage in cnmaestro or in router without using RFLOW?


Is there a way to look into which devices are using how much bandwidth in the router?

when i look into a cnpilot device inside cnmaestro i get a list of connected clients (i think only wireless clients, not sure if it reports wired clients)

i also get a report for total  real time bandwidth usage of the device, is there a way to break this down into a per routed client bandwidth usage?

what i want to do is to be able to take a support call from a customer and pinpoint the device that is using all of their bandwidth?

is this possible?

There is also the option of setting up Rflow which looks complicated and it only allows to monitor either WAN, LAN, or WLAN,  i assume the sensible option would be to monitor WLAN + LAN ?


Thanks for you query. At the moment we do not have support for the per client usage. However we are working to add some of this in future.