Discovery with Dynamic Public IP Using NAT

Hello There. I Recently add a few ePMP Stations doing NAT. At first the discovery works fine but when the DHCP assing a new IP Public to the Station it doesn’t re-descovery the device in order to upgrade the new station IP Address so i have to run the discovery again to add the station with the new Dynamic IP Address. Any suggestion ? Thank You

Nothing ?

Unfortunately CNSS does not support devices with dynamic IP addresses. The recommended approach is to set up the DHCP server to lock IP addresses to MAC address. Otherwise devices would need to be deleted and rediscovered each time an IP address changes. This will also delete all historic data collected by the Monitor subsystem.

It is possible to manually change a device’s IP address and preserve its historic data via the Discover -> Inventory screen. The IP Address cell can be directly edited there. Change the IP address and then save your changes.

Hello Jordan,

Just to confirm, I haven't ran into this because my install is fairly new, but are you saying that if a client radio changes its IP address the CNS server will not rediscover it and it will no longer be managed?

Is there a workaround for this?

I would agree that my AP's will have static IP's but I wouldn't think that anyone would assign a static IP's client radios unless they pay for it.

If that's the case, are there any plans to fix this?

Has anyone developed a workaround?  My CPE's are on a 72 hour DHCP lease, they don't change every time, but they do change.  Is there a setting in the console that maybe I can delete client and rediscover them automatically?  Kind of pain, but there needs to be some automated way to fix this.

I can't imagine having 200-300 radios on the console and not being able to manage them because their IP has changed.


Thanks for your feedback,


Hi Ryo,

Yes, dynamic IP addressing is not supported for devices in CNS.  If the same device is rediscovered at a new IP address an error will be logged to Discover's Alerts and the device will not be added to the inventory.

The recommendation is to configure the DHCP server to always assign the same IP address to a given MAC address.