So before I go and put this up, I have called Cambium, read the docs, and nowhere can I find the "Distance" the pads should be from eachother for the GPS sync 5Ghz system. Has anyone else done this before? Input? Im limited on the space I have to put the 4 sectors up and this was the best I could do.

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When you say 'pads' do you mean the GPS antenna pucks? If yes, then the pucks should be installed inside that pocket at the top of each antenna. The GPS system is receive only, so the GPS pucks can be placed very close to one another as long as they have a clear view of the sky.

No, the 90 degree Ant pads all on the same pole.

Are you doing any back to back frequency reuse?

I was planning on letting the AP's select the freq for each sector. So I assume it will try.

they won't recycle channels on their own, you have to use the spectrum analyser and find the best channels. if your using 3 sectors, they need to be all three different channels and space them at least 5 mhz from the edges.   

so if you are using 20 mhz channels,  set 1 ap to 5835, the next to 5810 and then 5785

ACS can select the right channels but you'll want to start them up 1 at a time so they don't choose the same channels.

also, to help with noise, use an antenna tilt calculator and tilt your antennas to only reach as far as you want them to. this will help with noise and future channel reuse.

edit:   i didn't look closely at the photo, you can use AB re-use but you'll need to either let each one use ACS without the other three on and note its channels, and then use snyc after you know what channels they want to use.   if your going to use AB re-use, you'll want to separate them much more.    it technically will work as you have them, but it isn't optimal.   if at all possible, put one on each roof edge so they are all apart, if that's not possible, put 2 of them at each corners so the same channels are used on the opposite side of the roof.. again its not required, but will optimize your equipment. you may run into re-use issues with them that close. 

rememeber to mind the 5mhz channel space between your channels.