Distinguish PMP450m Limited from Full via SNMP

Is there a way to tell with SNMP if an AP is 450m Full or 450m Limited? It would be nice to see this info in cnMaestro too.

We have some limiteds deployed and it would be nice to see which it is from a glance at our stats page we generate by reading info with SNMP.

Hi, yes there is. For SNMP, please refer to OID “mumimoMode”. This should provide you with the necessary information. This information is currently not provided by cnMaestro, but can be added in a future release.

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Another quick question. For PMP450 and PMP450i APs I read this to get TX current power:


Object ID:

PMP450m APs have TX power in EiRP. How do I read that with SNMP?


For 450m, see OID “eirp” in whispBoxConfig.