DMZ not working properly on PMP450B with NAT

Hello, it seems that DMZ isn’t working properly on PMP with NAT.

Our typical setup is Radio wireless interface receives a public IP, LAN interface provides a single DHCP lease to the router or device behind it, then we DMZ to that interface.

We’ve had no issues with this type of setup in ePMP and other vendor’s gear.

With PMP, we’ve had several complaints from T-Mobile users and AT&T users that wifi calling doesn’t work.

Dropping the PMP radio into bridge mode and putting the public IP directly onto the router solves their issue.

Dropping the customer on ePMP or 3rd party gear with our typical NAT setup also solves their issue.

ePMP and PMP when in NAT mode share the same IP pools out of an MPLS concentrator, so it isn’t subnet-specific on our end.

Anyone else see any behavior like this on PMP?

We’ve seen it in 20.2, 20.2.1, 20.3.

I can’t speak to earlier firmware


Thanks for reaching out to us.
I have been speaking with our engineering team about this issue and I was wondering if you can open a support case with our team via

Once this case is open, we can formally track the issue you are seeing and work get it resolved.


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