DNS below a NATed SM with Software Release 9.5

Using DNS below a NATed SM in software version 9.5 may cause some confusion. The characteristics of this feature are described below.

Microsoft Vista and presumably Windows 7 will not route a 169.254/16 subnet used as the default Canopy subnet as Microsoft uses 169.254/16 subnet to talk between local machines. This is not an issue if:

- the PC is connected directly to the NATed SM.
- the NAT/routing CPE underneath the NATed SM provides DNS services.

However; if a NAT/routing CPE that is not providing DNS services (e.g. some home routers*) is placed between the SM and the user’s PC, a Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 machine will not route to the default 169.254/16 SM IP address space to access DNS services.

Workaround: Reconfigure the SMs NAT LAN address to a private IP address such as 192.168/16, 172.16/12, or 10/8.

NOTE Please refer to home router manufacturer documentation to determine if the router provides DNS services.

This information can be found on page 38 of the Canopy 9.5 Software Release Notes.

Please contact Canopy Technical Support @ 1-866-961-9288, or email technical-support@canopywireless.com if you have additional questions.

Is anyone else seeing problems with NAT on 9.5? We are having issues with customers calling in after we’ve upgraded, we’re using 10.10.10.X as the IP range in the SM and they’re still not working.

yes we are having customers with 9.5 call in DNS will not work SM to router
but works fine from SM to PC

the SM is on a 192.168.X.X address

We experienced these issues widespread across our network after the upgrade to 9.5. Our SM’s run with the default NAT address of The only viable solution for us was to roll-back to 9.4.2 and hope that Motorola fixes this change to DNS in the next release.