Do you engineers actually USE your products?

You should start a different thread for these questions, but in short…

  1. YES, (I’m making the assumption you’re talking about 450b’s being used as an SM or BHS) you can (kind of) manually adjust the power on a 450b (depending on a few things). On SM’s you can set the SM to “Max TX power” and on BHS’s you can granularly control the TX power. If you’re using SM’s/BHS’s that are 3GHz/CBRS, then this complicates things slightly. All that aside, in almost all cases you’re better off letting the AP or BHM determine the SM’s power output via the AP/BHM’s “SM/BHS power control” feature, and…

  2. YES, as of firmware release R22, you can now update the firmware via the GUI.

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Firmware update from the webpage is supported in Release 22.0. Before Release 22.0, the radio can be upgraded with CNUT, cnMaestro or the cnArcher app.

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