do you know what is the max disctance Ap empm 1000 Panel 120 whit and force 110

Hello Marco, 

Would depend on a few things, frequency being used, noise floor in the area, also the terrain/trees. By the way you will want the new force 200 also (many improvements over the 110, mainly lighter, easier to assemble, and improved mounting bracket) and Camibum finally gives us a radome to use with them. :-)


Hello Marco

Looks like you are asking about the ePMP 1000 as Access Point with the 120 degrees sector antenna....right?

If so, I can say all depends of many things such as noise, heigh, frecuency, output power , alignment and so on, but for the moment we have various links running at 14 Miles from the AP and we are getting 54 Mb down / 39 Mb upload with 12 Ms latency.

All this is using the above mentioned access point with GPS synchronization and near 5000 Ft high on the mountain, and at the client side we are using the ePMP 1000 radio conectorized without GPS and a 30 Db RD-5G30 antenna (30 Db)



I forgot to mention...

The ePMP force 200 is a great antenna, we love it. but is not for long miles.

We are running several tests at the moment, and since the antenna is only 24dB all we get is -87 at 12 miles when we can get -68 at 14 Miles with a 30 dB antenna.

For shorter distances from the AP (1 to 5 miles) will work fantastic if you want to maintain a consistent speed and signal quality at your client side.

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