Do you pre-stage (apply an initial config) to SMs before installation ?

I am interested in learning what common configs you apply to SMs before handing them to installers. 

Do you have a golden config that you apply to all SMs?  If so, what parameters do you change from default?

  • Admin login/password
  • SNMP community strings
  • NTP IP 
  • WPA2 Pre-shared key
  • cnMaestro URL, Cambium ID, Onboarding key

What other paramters should be added to this list?

Some things that we apply after the unit comes online, other than what is already in cnArcher (Encryption mode, Encryption Key, Color Code, etc), are the following:

  • Authentication (Users/Password),
  • AP Selection method (changed to Power Level rather than Throughput)
  • Web Auto Update
  • Bridge Table Size
  • Disable TFTP and FTP
  • Enable PacketFilter for SMB, BootP, and Multicast for both IPv4 and v6

Other than that, we also pass a few things like scan list (different than what gets set in cnArcher)

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Yes, and in fact, if we have bored tech's we try to maintain a stockpile of SM's preconfigured for grab and go.

Freq lists, credentials, generic stuff like that.  If we're stockpiling, we'll get site specific info such as color codes and vlans as well, using configs per tower.

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Beyond setting latitude longitude and name, and AAA settings, the big one I'd say is setting PPPoE filters (technically we have 2 configurations one for users with pppoe that blocks everything except pppoe and another that leaves all filters unblocked (for non pppoe customers). So having the app auto apply proto filters would be nice. Not sure how a pppoe-filter on the eth would affect access to the SM via LAN1 management though.

Ohhhh and username/password for admin login, ability to drop unused users/set password for correct users is something that is a pain to get installers to remember, but mainly those 3 things are what we need to get configured during install (beyond cc/freq) but thats already in place.

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by default, we use pre-configured SMs (with a default configuration) with the following parameters:

  • Radio parameters (region, frequency scan list, bandwidth)
  • Snmp community string (also the read-only community)
  • Snmp site informations (with default values that will be modified after installation)
  • Quality of Service (Sustained Downlink Data Rate, Sustained Uplink Data Rate)
  • Security Config (Airlink Encryption, Authentication AAA)
  • Vlan configuration (allow dynamic learning)
  • Admin login/password

Moreover, we use the default ip address, so I don't need to modify it as requested from the cnArcher.

It would be convenient if I could load a script from the application, with this option we can also eventually modify the configuration in the future without changing the application.

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