Documentation for 450i 900MHz PTP

Is there any documentation for the 450i 900MHz PTP?

I found the 450 Platform User Guide 14.1.1 but that appears to be pre 450i 900MHz PTP.

On the PTP450 page, if you expand the various options under 'Resources' on the right side of the page, you can find more specific information regarding PTP450i 900MHz. I've also attached the spec sheet for easy review.

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Thank your for the spec sheet but that is not what I am looking for.

What I am looking for is a users guide for the 450i 900MHz PTP.

Unfortunately it appears as though Cambium has taken a one size fits all approach to documentation.

Do you have specific questions about deploying the 900 MHz product in a PTP link?  Feel free to post them here...

Eric & Matt thanks for the replys.

Matt what’s the correct weatherization of the 450i 900MHz PTP? Are the silicone boots all that is required?

Regarding other questions I’m not sure I have any others at the moment other then where is the documentation.

I did a bench configuration of the link earlier this week but have not deployed yet.

As a developer I understand how easy it is to forget the importance of good documentation.

Developers get lost in the code and thru the process of ( debugging ) doing the same thing over and over again they forget that their shipping product will be used by people that will be seeing it for the first time. What became second nature for the developer may seem convoluted to the end user.

Unless the product is a light switch there should be a specific users guide for that product online, embedded or print form. Come to think of it even light switches come with user guides. : )

Another thing that should be include with the radio is a quarter page quick start guide or sticker on the box so that a person could power up and login without needing to hunt for the documentation. IP address, subnet, etc…

The silicone boots are all we recommend.  However, we understand that some customers feel that they would like extra weatherproofing on antenna connection points.

I agree this could be better explained in the User Guide, and will look toward improving this in future revisions.

In Chapter 6 (page 6-45 in the R14.1.1 version), there are instructions on assembling the 900 MHz SM (which is the same mechanical form as the PTP version.

Thanks Matt. Have been busy this morning gathering supply’s for deployment. I thought I was the only one up at such an hour on a weekend.

I saw the assembly instructions in 14.1.1 but of course it was after I had assembled the units. As you will note however no mention of the silicone boots.

Thanks again and enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

Hi Matt;

Is there more information on co-locating multiple 450i 900MHz PTP units on the same tower?  And colocation with PMP100 FSK 900MHz series.

What if we have a PTP450i 900MHz on two seperate towers that are about 3.5mi apart, but the radios are basically pointing to service an area that are within the same sector.  Just that one tower will be a better fit than the other tower for servicing different clients.


This appears to be a similar question to the one you're asking in this thread.

I posted a response there.

Hi Matt;

Thanks very much.   Sorry, I posted it twice because I came across the first article / post and then figured it may have been in the documentation.   But couldn't find any reference to colocation and syncing etc. on this new model.  So I ended up posting in both locations hoping for the best.