Does a PMP540i, 5Ghz

Does a PMP450i AP and SM, 5Ghz, operate on the 4.9 band, 4940 to 4990, US Public Safety Band, out of the box?

I'm Planning on using these for some Police ROIP applications, and want to make sure there is not any extra

key or license that has to be ordered. My Customer does have the 4.9 FCC license. These will be used in the United States region.

Yes, they are.  There is no additional licensing or keys required.  If you are authorized to operate in this frequency, the radio can be configured to operate from 4940-4990 MHz.

Keep in mind you'll need to buy 450i SM's, and NOT the regular 450 SM's. Regular 450 SM's only support 5.4-5.8.

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