Does anyone cap their bandwidth per customer per month/day?

After doing some research it looks like most providers do some sort of cap on how much data can be transferred per month or day.

HughesNet goes based on the package you have but it is limited to how much you can download per day. It goes from 200MB a day up to 500MB a day.

Comcast limits it to 250GB a month.

Charter is either 100GB a month or 250GB a month (depending on the package you have).

Does anyone else do this and if so what programs do you use to manage it and what are your limits?

For our standard residential wired services we include 60GB of transfer per client. On wireless we sell 20GB. Actual usage is unlimited if you’re willing to buy more. But for the most part people take a moment to stop and think about what their doing, especially on the wireless side of our operation.

To enforce this we use PPPoE terminating into a Redback SER-400. The control software allows us to create profiles for speeds, etc. On a standard wireless package you get 20/20 GB at 5/1 Mbps (with other rate limits as they come up since we sell different speeds depending on the wireless technology). If either the upload of download cap is blown away you get unmetered service at 128 kbps for the remainder of the month, unless more transfer is bought.

Our dedicated services are based on bandwidth only. For example, if you get a 2 Mbps link and that 2 Mbps is yours as often as you want it, no muss no fuss.

Aside from these there are no limits, so if some dingdong wants to try and use all of his 20 GB in a single day… well, have fun with that. :slight_smile: