Does epmp 2000 on the same channel than Ubnt may affect ubnt performance?


We are on test phase of the EPMP2000, we have others ubnt gear Rocket M5, but our air is not that clear to test on a free channels.

If we put epmp2000 on a channel used by one of our Rocket M5, may affect our Rocket performance or it will get any effect?


Yes, if you run UBNT and Cambium gear on overlapping channels, they are likely to interfere with each other.  Someone who has actually co-located UBNT and Cambium 5ghz APs might have more insight as to whether it's possible to get them synchronized, but to the best of my knowledge you won't manage that.  Two ePMP2000 APs on the same tower can be on the same channel, since the GPS sync (if pertinent settings are the same) will keep them from seeing each other.  (in principle two UBNT radios can also reuse a channel, though they never managed it reliably when I worked with UBNT sectors, a few years ago now)

If you're looking to compare their performance, you'll do best to clear a channel for the ePMP2000.  If you are just looking to supplement and/or are planning to migrate to Cambium, then you can put the ePMP on a DFS channel, or a narrower channel, to start with until you are able to clear some spectrum.



Hi newkirk, yes the idea is to move from ubnt to cambium.

I will take your tip "DSF".

Thanks newkirk for your help.