Does ePMP support Standard WiFi

Answer: Yes. 

Beggining with Release 2.3, ePMP supports Standard WiFi on the SM and can connect to any AP supporting Standard 802.11n

Beggining with Release 2.3.4,  you can log into the CLI of the ePMP and enable WiFi mode for the AP. All the confguration for frequency and power should be done via the GUI and under ePTP mode and then via CLI you can switch to WiFi AP mode. The commands are below -

AP>config set wirelessInterfaceProtocolMode 2
AP>config save
AP>config apply
Please note that if you make changes and switch back to TDD or Flexible mode, you will have to enter the commands via CLI again. 
We are working on introducing the WiFi mode in the GUI shortly but in the  meantime please use the above.
End of Q2, we will offer a WiFi SW package that you can install on the AP separately from our current SW releases. This will support standard WiFi but also multiple SSID, captive portal and guest access
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Great, if WiFi mode and ePTP mode will be working at the same time with one device, we can deploy wireless backbone and WiFi Coverage at the same time and with same products. this is multiple layer wireless coverage, the first PTP layer is ePTP backbone, the second layer is WiFi coverage layer,at the second layer, our ePMP acts as ePTP slave and WiFi AP at the same time.

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