does it matter if wiper in 600ss is set to isolate or grounded?

I was looking at the 600SS unit and was wondering if the wiper inside was to be placed in the isolate or grounded position?

From the spec sheet: "The 600SS ships with the ground washer in the isolated position, isolated meaning that there is a 58V transorb between earth ground and pin 4 of the Ethernet cable so to support the WiMAX 230 CPE product (pin 4,5 are +56V, pin 7,8 return). The only reason to move the washer to the ground position is when first time deploying the PMP 100, PTP230, PMP 430, 450 series and if CRC or packet error rate issues are noticed, then try rotating the ground washer in the ground position to see if that helps reduce the CRC or packet error rate issues. Otherwise just leave it in the isolated position."


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After reading some of the posts about the 600SS I am even more leary about deploying it. We are putting up our first  PMP450 system that will be powered with its's own power supply and need the full gigabit throughtput. Some of the articiles that I have read say that the 600SS will not pass even 100mbps reliably. Granted, the posts were several years old. Also, after reading your post, are you saying that I need to move the wiper to the grounded position if I am deploying the PMP450 or am I to momentarily move it to grounded position then back to the isolated? Thanks for the reply

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The 600SSH will not support Gigabit connection.  If this is in line with your system, the port will autonegotiate to 100BaseT.

In nearly all cases, 100BaseT will work fine for PMP 450 systems, in that you'll not be pushing >100 Mbps in a single direction very often.  Even with a 20 MHz channel at 85% downlink, the total capacity in the DL is ~106 Mbps, but that assumes a perfect 256QAM modulation with every subscriber in the sector.  This is rarely the case.

Also, regarding the isolation vs. grounded position, I would not change anything.  It is extremely rare to have any need to change from the default position.  This was really only added to the device to accomodate the PMP 320, which is no longer available.

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