Does PTP 650 support 5.15GHz band in FCC regions?

The short answer is that PTP 650 does support 5.15 GHz.

To access 5.15GHz you will need to be on release 01-21 and then go to the support website to add 5.1GHz license key (no charge).  Because of the out-of-band emissions requirements there are automatic backoffs in power on the band edges of the 5.15GHz channels.   Below are all the details on the implementation of 5.15GHz FCC band on the PTP 650.

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  1. The grant covers the PTP 650, PTP 650S and PTP 650L
  2. The band is only applicable to FCC radios used in the U.S. and U.S. territories.
  3. Existing customers will need to go the license manager page on the support website to update their license key adding 5.15 GHz (at no charge)
  4. The UNII-1 band officially covers 5.15 GHz to 5.25 GHz at a maximum of 53dBm EIRP and does not required DFS for radar avoidance.  HOWEVER, it does have very stringent out-of-band emissions requirements which make the maximum EIRP unlikely to be met by any commercial products.
  5. The out of band emissions requirements and the fact that UNII-1 band is adjacent to the 5.2GHz band that does require radar avoidance means that each product approved under UNII-1 will have different capabilities.  LINKPlanner has been updated to take these rules into account if you plan a link in the UNII-1 band with the PTP 650.
  6. The PTP 650 supports the following EIRP levels dependent on channel bandwidth.  G stands for the gain of the antenna with maximum antenna gain of 23dBi.
    1. 5MHz:   33 – G dBm  (so for example, with the integrated 23dBm antenna the max tx power is 33dBm – 23dBi = 10dBm)
    2. 10MHz: 31 – G dBm
    3. 15MHz: 37 – G dBm
    4. 20MHz: 36 – G dBm
    5. 30MHz: 35 – G dBm
    6. 40MHz: 30 – G dBm
    7. 45MHz: 30 – G dBm
  1. Further there are band edge back-offs shown below:

Channel Bandwidth

Channel Frequency


5 MHz

Below 5158.0 MHz

7 dB

5158 to 5200 MHz

3 dB

Above 5200.0 MHz

0 dB

10 MHz

Below 5164.0 MHz

8 dB

5164.0 MHz and above

0 dB

15 MHz

Below 5170.0 MHz

14 dB

5170 to 5181 MHz

6 dB

Above 5181.0 MHz

0 dB

20 MHz

Below 5175.0 MHz

13 dB

5175 to 5187 MHz

6 dB

Above 5187.0 MHz

0 dB

30 MHz

Below 5187.0 MHz

11 dB

5187 to 5200 MHz

5 dB

Above 5208.0 MHz

0 dB

40 MHz

Below 5200.0 MHz

6 dB

5200.0 MHz and above

0 dB

45 MHz

Below 5205.0 MHz

7 dB

5205.0 MHz and above

0 dB