Does running the eDetect tool cause an outage?

During the eDetect scanning period, the AP continues servicing the SMs under it, and there is no outage (unlike running a Spectrum Analyzer scan).  The detection is done during the transmission period within the TDD frame. Since the detection happens when the system is operational, there may be a negligible degradation in overall sector throughput when run from the AP.


The eDetect tool (not available in ePTP Master mode) is used to measure the 802.11 interference at the ePMP radio or system when run from the AP, on the current operating channel. When the tool is run, the ePMP device processes all frames received from devices not connected to the ePMP system and collects the interfering frame’s information such as MAC Address, RSSI, and MCS.


Use the AP eDetect page to perform the following functions:

  • Collect information about interferers system wide on the AP and the SMs connected to it to display on the APs GUI.
  • Collect information about interferers locally at the AP only to display on the AP’s GUI.
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