Does the ePMP Force 180 standard hardware included in the box allow for wall mounting?


Does the standard hardware included with the ePMP Force 180 support mounting it directly to a wall?  Any documentation or instructions on mounting it to a wall?   I see the pole mounting option.  I thought I had seen where it gave you the hardware for either pole or wall mount.


No, it will only mount to a pole with the included bracket.


Hi Jacob;

Thank you.

I know you said 'standard / included', but these are only about $3-$4 or so.

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Hi Ninedd;

Thanks for this info.  Looks interesting.  Can you say where and how to purchase or to get more product info?


They are the MicroTik QuickMount.

$2.50 at Baltic currently, but probably similar from most distributors.

Thanks.  Looks like the possible solution.

We use a ton of those Mikrotik mounts, and many of the taller version as well.  They are versatile and durable.  I highly recommend them. 

We use a fair amount of these for wall/fascia mounts (also at baltic) Liard Wall Mount

And this Tycon heavy duty wall mount we have even mounted F200's on though we usually drill 2 extra holes and put couple extra screws at the sides when putting a F200 on them.

There was some mounts we use to buy off Ebay from a Zirkel but they stopped selling them a couple of years ago. I would love to find a new source for them they were awesome ( I still have a few that I only use when no other mount will do the trick)