Dowlink operating in low modulation - PMP450i


As in the following image, one of the modes in the downlink direction is low while UL having a higher rate, what can be the reason for this issue?

when 8X/1X MIMO, is this 8X for vertical, and 1X for Horizontal polar?

While your downlink RSSI is very good on that SM, your downlink SnR for that SM is very poor (12v/12h). This is keeping the SM at a poor modulation rate. There is something creating a lot of noise, most likely near the SM.

I’d suggest running an SA on both the AP and SM at the same time and seeing if there’s any interference on or near the channel you’re using. You might also want to just try changing channels and or channel widths to see if you can improve the connection.

We are also seeing this, and as of yet have failed to find a solution. This may be a show stopper/killer for our CBRS deployment if we can not get this resolved in a timely fashion.