Downgrade F300 To 4.4.3 Issue

Hi guys
i wanted to downgrade my epmpForce 300 from 4.5.5 to 4.4.3 but i get this error message

What should i do in this case ,
thanks in advance

The most simple way is to download Configuration file in text format, find the ACS parameter and put “0” instead of “1”, then restore configuration file back to the radio.
Reset to default would help as well, but would cause more inconveniences.

Thank you.

i will try this method , thanks

I’m assuming the device is in SM mode, thus making the “channel selection” option hidden in the web interface. What you can also do within the web interface is switch the radio to AP mode (but don’t actually save/apply it), which will expose the channel selection option, set it to “manual”, set the device back to SM mode, and then save.

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