downgrading software?

After upgrading to 7.2 software, I am having my SM’s drop off periodically and then have a high reg fail count when they come up. I have 3 - Advantage AP’s and 4- regular SM’s. I have 2x disabled on the the ones that have that option available (2 of the SM’s don’t show the option). Hardware scheduling all.

I didn’t have this problem with 6.2, can I downgrade without any problems to get back to where I was.


Yeap. I downgrade the BH’s to 4.2.3.


Arnod reported the problem in SMs .

& u have refered to BH …Do u mean that BH with older 4.2.3 would be more stable…?

What I was implying is that you can downgrade SM’s just like BH’s… its a simple (usually) process in CNUT. The reason we are keeping our BH’s at 4.2.3 is because we do not have any issues. Your network may be different.