Downlink Capacity Packet Drops

I had a client call this morning - they report slow and ‘on/off’ internet this morning. Looking at the AP Performance chart, they (and two others) have lots of ‘Downlink Capacity Packet Drops’, whereas everyone else has none. There are 18 SM’s on this 300L AP, and no one else has reported anything.

The downlink signals of those three connection are:
-68, -65, -55

The ‘Downlink Frame Time’ is usually 8-12%. I also upgraded to 4.6.1-RC26 this morning to see if that would squash any issues, and I don’t see that made a difference on this client.

Of course, I don’t know that their issue is related to the ‘Downlink Capacity Packet Drops’ at all… just that they are the -55 signal, and they are reporting an issue (which could be their router rebooting for all I know) and then I saw these unusually high packet drops.

Downlink drops would be interference at the subscriber side.


Like Ryan said: local interference at the client side. We find this happens when they get new devices or a new wifi router or wifi repeaters and dont set them up properly(follow the quick wizard, get it up fast and just as fast takes out their other wireless services!)

Send a tech thats going to be close, have them scan for 5ghz wifi signals or use a f300 radio to run a live spectrum scan for a while to capture and allow the radio to identify the interference source ssid/anything it can.