Downlink Data Confusion - Please advise

If you set the Downlink Data to 60%, that means that the Master BH will send information to the Slave at 4.5 Mbps and receive from the Slave at 3.0 Mbps, right? Or does it mean that the Master will receive from the Slave at 4.5 Mbps? It’s very misleading IMO.

Same applies for the AP Downlink setting. If the AP is set to 75%, then the downloads will be faster to the customers?

It was recommended to set all AP’s and BH’s to 50% but I want to give more download speeds to my customers.


Flow is from the AP or Master to the SM or Slave. 75% downlink with 4M available will allow 3M down to the SM and 1M up from the SM.

Whatever you choose, make sure that all of the BH’s are set the same, and all of the AP’s in a given band are the same.

We have 5Mx5M available. We run 50% on our BH20’s, 70% on our 900’s and 75% on our 2.4 and 5.7 AP’s. We use the SM to limit bandwidth per subscriber.