downlink loss

hi all, 

i am seeing something wierd on maestro for radio modulation, especially on the downlink side. this is happening on quite a bit of SMs in our network. here are the symptoms:

1) in cnmaestro, the downlink will say "n/a." see image below

2) alarmed, i go to the SM and see what it looks like. this one looks picture-perfect. 

3) so, then i'll go to the modulation tab on cnMaestro and on a 7 day window, it looks like the downlink was being lost (see image 3)

4) but, on a 4 hr and 24 hr, it appears that the downlink has not been lost. see images 5-7

what's going on?

What is the version running on your device?

We have introduced link test from cnMaestro from 1.6.1 onwards and its available in cloud.

If you are using On-Premises then 1.6.1 is going to release soon.

I heard from another customer saying that modulation was dropping out of the graphs when they were running cnMaestro version 1.5.0. Upgrading to the latest version seemed to fix the problem for them.

Hi ,

This is a known issue where the data aggregation process gets stuck in the background due to which the weekly data is not shown sometimes due to which you are seeing the gaps in the weekly or 7 days graph. This will not effect the hourly graphs such as 4/12/24 HR graphs. 

This is fixed in 1.6.1-r10 On premises version and 1.6.1-r17 Cloud Version. 

Also , please let me know which PMP software version is used and any huge traffic is run on the PMP AP. From the screenshots i also can see downlink 85 Mbps and Uplink 29 Mbps is run. If you are using a cloud account please invite me to your account so that i can debug more and let you know if anything else is impacting the downlink graphs.

Please send the PMP AP config file to . You can also send the invite to the cloud account to the same mail id.



hi all,

on this particular SM/AP, they are at 15.1.3 and the cnMaestro is on load 1.6.1-r10

Thanks for providing the version details.

1) Please enable debug logs by going to SM GUI Configuration->Cnmaestro , under the cnMAestro Advanced Configuration change the cnMaestro Agent Debug Log Level to Debug .

2) Now once the issue is reproduced , please select that device in cnMaestro GUI and go to Tools Menu and then take a tech support dump of the SM device and send it to

3) Also please send the screenshot of Notifications->Events page (by setting the page size as 50) after selecting the device in cnMAestro GUI to the same mail id. This will help in checking whether there are any connectivity loss between cnMAestro and SM.